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Our experience.

While Empire offers a broad array of services to help meet your financial and insurance needs, we also understand the importance of financial education in specific areas. To this end, we have built our team around several crucial services. You may explore the breadth of our offerings on our Products & Services page, or meet our trained professionals below.

 Insurance & Annuities 

Our in-house trained professional Michael Arteca guides clients in their efforts to help protect their families and their assets, and to develop their approach for education, retirement and estate planning.

 Investments & Financial Planning* 

Our in-house trained professionals focus on helping clients assess their goals, weigh their risk tolerance and find the investments and financial tools that help them achieve their goals.

 Pensions & Retirement Planning 

Our in-house trained professional Joe Imbriano gives business owners the tools to help maximize and incentivize valuable savings and retirement programs for employees.

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